Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Last night on Baseball Tonight the three analyst gave their opinion of who would win the AL wild card.

Buster Olney picked the twins because of their great pitching. That is a good point.

Phillips picked the White Sox because their pitching will eventually improve and it can't be as bad as it is now and their offense is the best in the league. I think that is another good point.

Kruk then said that it will be the Yankees or Red Sox, with the other team winning the division. Why? Because they have been there before. Yes, that is why they will make the playoffs. It isn't that the Yankess have improved pitching or that their offense is even better now with Abreu. It is because they have been there before.

I think the White Sox and Twins have been there before too. If I remember correctly the White Sox made the playoffs last year and actually won the World Series. And the previous 3 years the Twins made the playoffs too.

Based on Kruk's logic they all will tie for the wild card. That will be very exciting.


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