Friday, July 28, 2006

Its a game of inches

Two of the hits that ended up scoring for the Tigers were on slow rollers that a younger Castillo would have made the play on.

Liriano gave up one well hit ball which cost him 2 runs. I don't know why he throws a change up when Ordonez was way behind on the previous slider. He seemed to be waiting on the change.

Then Rincon only gave up 1 well hit ball too which cost him the game. The hitters failed us.

Myner was a bit wild all game with many 3 ball counts yet the M & M boys kept swing at bad pitches with runners in scoring position, bailing the rookie out. Are they coached to be agressive in this situation. Wouldn't they be more productive being patient? It really bothers me to see Morneau swing at 3 pitches that were not near the plate in a crucial RBI situation.

Then against Rodney, who has bad control, they swing at his first pitch. Why?

Oh well. Not much you can do, 1 run games are usually decided by a bit of luck. It was fun to see a good, well played game.


At 1:32 AM, Blogger twins15 said...

Yeah, frustrating to watch Castillo come within inches on both of those ground balls. :(


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