Friday, July 28, 2006

Tigers Bullpen

The Tigers have a good bullpen, but it can be beat. Todd Jones is the closer who makes Latroy look like Mariano Rivera. If you are a Tigers fan he is scarier than going on blind date with Kathy Bates. He has caused more heart attacks than McDonalds. What I am saying is that he isn't really having a good year.

Their best 2 set-up men are Zumaya and Walker. Walker is the lefty who is having a career year. He really is pitching great. Zumaya is also doing great, he throws harder than anyone the Twins have. But his control is lacking. Be patient with him and Rodney and the Twins should be able to score some runs off of their bullpen.

The key may be Cuddyer. I expect Walker to come in and face Mauer, Cuddy and Morneau. Cuddy will have to make Walker pay when he gets his chance.

While M&M have held their own against lefties they are still much better against righties. Cuddy is batting .314/.383/.602 against lefties.

He may need to be the Twin who gets the big hit.

Good Luck Twins

And wish me luck tonight. My wife and I plan to play an evil drinking game. We will drink every time Bert mentions his birthday, circles someone or says "at the major league level".

I may be dead tommorrow.


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