Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Big Sweep

I can't believe we won. Silva actually got the win and lowered his ERA to 6.84. It is time to take him out of the rotation. He was a bit lucky to only have given up 3 runs.

But wow, what a series. The Twins are now tied with NY and Chicago for the wild card spot. The Yankees are losing as I write this so by tommorrow we may just be tied with only the fading White Sox.

The White Sox seem to be having the same year as the Twins did last year. Good for them. At about this time last year the Twins lead the wild card by 1 game. We all know what happened then.

The defense has improved dramatically. The Twins are no longer last in the AL in Defense Efficiency Rating (DER). They now rank ahead of TB and Cle.

This in turn has lead to improved pitching. The Twins now rank 3rd in the AL in team ERA. This should continue to improve the rest of the season with the improved defense of Bartlett and Punto. Also, with Liriano pitching more the Twins should eventually have the 2nd best ERA in the league.

The outlook is good. They will eventually come back to the pack and stop playing so well. But now that they have caught up all they have to do it play better than the Yanks, Sox and Jays. I think they have the talent to do it.

Matt Garza is tearing up the minor leagues. There is talk of promoting him to the big club. Gardy wants him, Ryan doesn't want to rush him. I am still on the fence. All of his numbers have been great in the minors he so will probbaly keep it up.

I don't think that his next start will be as good. He pitched nearly 130 pitches in a shutout yesterday. That is a big mistake for a young pitcher. It has been shown that young pitchers are more susceptible to poor starts following a high pitch count than older pitchers.

It is a reason to worry.


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