Monday, July 31, 2006

Really a game of inches

That was a strange one yesterday. It took a lot of luck and a lot of misplays to win that game. It was a little bit of payback from Friday's game where the Tigers hit 2 balls hard the whole game. It is nice to see the luck even out that quickly.

It was nice to see that the Twins hitters didn't heed my scouting advice from Friday. I just assumed the Twins read my blog, I guess not.

The Twins got to face Rodney and Zumaya over the weekend. They were not patient against these pitchers. Both of these pitchers have high walk rates and are very difficult to hit. So why not be patient and wait for a good pitch to hit or wait for the pitchers to walk you? But the Twins thought that was a bad idea. We see the results from that.

Versus those two pitchers the Twins had less than 2.5 pitches per plate appearance. That is hitting way to aggresive in a situation when they need baserunners and need to get on base. Instead they wave a pitches outside the strikezone. We see the resluts from that.

Though we saw the opposite effect yesterday. In that big 8th inning a few of the "hits" were on 1st pitches.


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