Monday, July 31, 2006

Lohse traded

The Twins have traded Lohse for a minor league pitcher named Ward. He is pitching great in class A now. he has good strikeout numbers and has only given up 2 homeruns so far in a 100 innings.

Any trade with Krivsky is probably a good trade for the other team. I base this on the trades he has doen previously but mostly on his trade for Castro.

The only player I would trade for Castro is a player to be named later and have Castro as that player to be named so I can send his old hitless butt back.

I would still love Soriano on this team but I still don't want to give up too much.
I think he is needed more now that the Yanks have Abreu.

Abreau is very undervalued as a hitter because the only thing he does well is walk. But he does that just about better than anyone in the league.

His actual value is near Soriano's. It really makes the Yanks scary now. He adds an extra 19 runs, through the rest of the season, over Bernie Williams who has played the most so far in RF. Plus he is probably a defensive upgrade too.
So I would surmise that he will add 2 wins to the Yankees over the rest of the season.


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