Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Twin's Pitching

Don’t look now but the Twins have the 5th best ERA in the league. They are creeping up on the league leaders. It is truly amazing after the start they had. It is due to basic improvement, much better defense and the addition of Liriano to the rotation.

The really amazing thing is that the Twins have the best DIPS in the major league. They are about 2/10ths of a run better than anyone else. If they had the defense they should have had they really could have been a great team so far.

It really makes the signing of Batista and extended play of Castro look even worse now.

If they fielded just an average defense their ERA would have been about 4.00. Much better than the 4.36 ERA they now have. That is about 31 runs which equals about 3 wins. The Twins would still be in the thick of it with 3 more wins, especially if the wins were against Det or Chi.

The outlook does not look good but there is some reason for hope.


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