Friday, June 30, 2006

The front office

SI just printed an article naming the Twins front office as the worst in baseball. I don't know if it was the worst but it is close. I would really have to look at everything other teams did.

I don't think it can be considered the worst since they made 1 good trade in getting Castillo.

But there are a number of mistakes.

Not getting Koskie.
Signing Batista
Keeping Batista through spring training so he received his entire contract.
Letting Batista play full time.
Keeping Barlett in the minors
Letting Castro play after it was obvious his range has diminished greatly.
Signing Rondell. Though I still thought it was a good signing at the time.
Not trading Lohse when he was still worth something.
Sending Kubel down early in the season.Basically showing no patience with young players like Bartlett, Baker & Kubel.
Not finding a backup in centerfield. I'll never understand why Lou Ford gets so much playing time. He had 1 good season with minimal power and limited patience.
There is probably more.


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