Wednesday, June 28, 2006

No DH a benefit for the Twins.

This weekend, Dick mentioned how surprised he was that the Twins were able to do so well in National League parks with out a DH.

I was flummoxed by this statement. I know Dick isn’t stupid but come on. Think about it.

Playing with no DH is the great equalizer for the Twins. DH is our worst position on the team. In fact Rondell wasn’t hitting any better than most pitchers. So the fact that we don’t get a DH helps our team. In a way we were playing with 8 hitters and a pitcher in the AL against teams that had a DH. In the NL this hole is filled in because both team’s now have the same weakness.

Let’s hope the NL wins the All-Star game so when the Twins play in the World Series this year we have more games without a DH.

It will be tough to lose the All-Star game with such a fiery manager like Ozzie Guillen.


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