Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who's to blame?

Do we blame Lohse for not getting 1 out late in the game? That would be like blaming me for not being able to run around the block in less than an hour.

Or do we blame Gardenhose for not putting his players in a position to succeed. His main job as a manger is put players in positions where they can do their best and to put the players in a position where he can succeed and help the team win.

It would be like starting the worst defensive infield possible and then blaming his young up and coming pitcher (Baker) for not being able to get anyone out. What manager would ever put his players in a position where they are bound to fail? He should know his players better than this.

The fact that Gardenfire brought in Lohse maybe the worst decision since Britney Spears deciding to have another baby.

Besides the fact that Lohse can't pitch, he has never shown himself to be able to get righthanders out any better than he can lefthanders out. He has pretty equal split over the last few years. Also, Wilson has shown more power against righthanders.

This is how the batters have have fared in the last 3 years against Lohse.

Right /Left AVG/OBP/ SLG / OPS
vs. Left .288/0.343/0.463/0.807
vs. Right .294/0.334/0.440/0.775

There is nothing here to show me that Lohse can come in and get the righthander out. There is a righthander in AAA that would specialize in doing such a thing. Neshek is pitching unbelievably in AAA. His side arm delivery plays havoc with righthanded batters. But Lohse is a veteran so he is probably a better pitcher. Right Gardy? Plus, Lohse has shown better leadership than Neshek:)

My main beef with bringing in Lohse is not that he wasn't the right man for the job, he wasn't, but why take out a pitcher who has thrown 2 pitches for 2 outs just because he is lefthanded and the batter is righthanded? Especially since the batter is Preston Wilson who is statistically about equally effective against righthanders and lefthanders. Here is his stats over the last 3 years.

Handed AVG /OBP / SLG / OPS
vs. Left 0.273/0.348/0.465/0.813
vs. Right 0.266/0.325/0.496/0.821

He has power to righthanders but has a higer OBP to lefthanders. I think at this point in the game a walk is better than an extra base hit. So why take Reyes out?

I am a big proponent of platooning but some times it is riduculous. If this is the way Gardenweasel wants to manage why not just pitch 1 pitcher per inning depending on who is coming up to bat.


At 9:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed on many points.. However, the focus should be on the bad call by the ump. If he makes the correct call and rings up the 0-2 pitch Lohse gets out of the inning and all is right with the world. Lohse is not a good pitcher and needs all the help he can get, let alone getting a call he deserves. So both Lohse and Gardensnail should not be blasted on that. Now,
with that said, I did not see who else Lohse did not get out and that is where the problem continues. if he face any Lefties, why would you have pulled Reyes? AND... that bad pitch caused the game to be tied and lohse still could not get out of the inning before losing the game. MENTAL vs. Physical.

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Todd said...

I am very angry and annoyed by the bad call. It was na unbelievably bad call. It was right down the middle and waist high. I don't know what the ump was thinking.

We did find out the next inning that he has a much lower, flatter and wider strikezone than an ump with eyesight!!!!

I try not to blame the umps too much. They make mistakes everyday and the calls tend to even out but again that was a really bad call on Lohse's pitch and the call on Bartlett.


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