Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Timely hitting wins again

The Twins are hitting better this year in Late Innning Pressure Situations (LIPS) than any year since 2002 when the won their first division championship. This year is also the first year since 02 that they are actually hitting better in LIPS than in normal situations albeit this year it is a small amount. But that is much better than last year when they withered away in clutch situations. Last year in LIPS they barely hit better than Juan Castro.

Its good to see the Twins hitting well again. It sure makes for a good game when they do hit in the clutch. The best player is Cuddyer. Yes, I was surprised too. He has the highest OPS in LIPS of any everyday player. Morneau is right behind him. He has more homeruns but has a much lower Avg and OBP than Cuddyer.

Lets hope it keeps up.


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