Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Don't you love Homonyms

I have to change the name of the person in the story to protect the innocent. Let's call her X. Late last night, after spending the evening staining the deck, X and I were watching the Twins game. It had gone extra innings and X wondered how they keep stats of games that are shorter and longer than 9 innings.

I explained that all stats are kept but usually games don’t actually go shorter than 9 innings.

X then asked. “What about knothole games?”

A little confused I answered. “Knothole games are just as long as other games.”

“No.” She replied. “When I went to a knothole game as a child it was shortened, you know it was a ‘not-whole’ game.”

It was then that I laughed for about 5 minutes. Becky, I mean X explained to me that she always thought a knothole game was a shortened game. It was not a whole game. It was in fact a “not-whole” game.


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