Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Castro vs........Punto

Has anybody noticed that Punto is batting over .300 and has an OBP over .400. Second on the team to Mauer. Plus did you see the play he made last night to save at least 1 run. I know I was sure that was going to be a hit. Everything hit on the ground and up the middle this year has been a hit. It was exciting to see a great play by an infielder, especially a shorststop.

His defensive numbers show that he is a better fielder than Castro. Though Castro has a slightly better fielding percentage his Zone Rating of .794 is dismal compared to Punto's Zone Rating of .870. Of course this is in a limited number of innings but after seeing last night's play i am convinced Punto is a better shortstop. Plus he is showing the same good Zone Rating at 3rd.

Also, last year Punto had the best Zone Ratings at 2nd, 3rd and Short on the Twins. I think this shows he can be a quality defender.


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