Friday, June 16, 2006

Castro Traded, Castro Traded!!!!!!!

This the best week for the Twins in a long time, Batista was let go and now Castro was traded. Some idiot in Cincinnati even gave us more than a bag of peanuts for him. In fact, the idiot who traded for Castro use to be Terry Ryan’s assistant. Wayne Krivsky is the GM for Cincy and he is the genius who suggested we sign the out making machine in the first place. I guess some people will never learn.

It sounds like Gardenhire is going to miss Castro’s “slick fielding”. Read the article in the Strib.

Manager Ron Gardenhire was adamant about the Twins' middle-infield defense being better this season, leading the team to appoint the slick-fielding Castro as the Opening Day shortstop. Despite committing a team-most seven errors, Castro stabilized the middle infield. Anything Castro, a career .230 hitter, gave the Twins offensively was viewed as a bonus.

I wonder if he watches the same games I do. Beyond the numbers of how bad Castro has become defensively, has he made a great play at any time this season? Has he made a play where you said “wow”? Has a made a play on a ball that you were sure would be a hit when it came off the bat?

The answer for me is no. I think I am happier than Bartlett is at this time.


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