Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kubel a defensive liabilty?

Does Gardy really believe that Kubel is a defensive liabilty? It seems he assumes because a player is young he plays poor defense i.e. Kubel and Bartlett. Kubel hasn't shown me any reason why he should be taken out in the late innings.

In fact, I am not exactly sure that Ford is actually an above average outfielder. I believe he is but the jury is mixed on his defensive capabilities. Kubel has a much higher Zone Rating than Ford, though it is a small sample size, and I have never heard any complaints about his defense.

It just doesn't seem like there is much value in make the switch and taking Kubel out and using Ford as a defensive replacement, especially in LF. Houston has the smallest LF of any park in the league. If any change should have been made it should have been to remove Cuddyer and replace him with Ford. Cuddyer hasn't shown himself to be a very good defensive player so why not make that change. I know the answer, because Kubel is a rookie and Gardy thinks that young players can't play defense.

Also, I think he needs to justify Ford being on the roster. Someone tell me what he adds to the team. I guess he is better than Rondell and Sierra.


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