Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I was wrong about the bullpens

I guess I was wrong but why does Silva even hit after the 6th. He has given us a good start take him out so he can leave the game with a good feeling and the lead.

Now the bullpen is has to try to correct his mistake when he issues a leadoff walk. If he is on that short of a leash don't leave him in when it is his turn to bat.

So the bullpen failed, Rincon didn't do the job tonight. So Gardenfire brings in Reyes, who may be the only major leaguer fatter than I am. So he quickly gets 2 outs. How does get repaid? He is pulled for Lohse. Yes, you heard me Lohse is pitching in a tied game in the 8th inning, Lohse.

I guess Wilson is a righty so Gardy has to bring a righty in. Its the rules of the game. I guess Gardy didn't know that Wilson has been a better hitter against righties than lefties. It is tough info to come by. He should have had some idea, he hit a homerun off of Nathan the night before.

So Lohse does his job and strikes Wilson out with an 0-2 pitch right down the middle of the plate. Why he would throw a pitch right down the middle with an 0-2 count I'll never know but he does it.

Somehow Wilson doesn't swing at it and somehow the ump doesn't call it a strike. I can't believe it, neither can Lohse. It all falls apart after that. And we are down 5-3 in the 9th.

So we need runners. Bartlett coaxes a leadoff walk on 3-2 pitch that was a foot outside and 6 inches low. But now the damn ump decides to call a strike. Bartlett strikes out looking and is probably as dumfounded as I am watching the game.

The strike zone shrunk and moved all game ruining what could have been a good game. Every team is screwed by bad calls. It just went really bad this game. It makes me nervous for tommorrow.

Who do you think will be getting the close calls the rookie or the veteran starter?


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