Monday, June 26, 2006

Let's Hope Guillen gets fired.

According to Joe Morgan the White Sox can't win with out Guillen. It is his fiery nature that makes the White Sox win.

It isn't the fact that the team leads the league in homeruns and run scored, or that the team has a quality pitching staff, it is because Guillen has a fiery nature. Like the Morgan' Reds of the '70s, who only could win with Sparky Anderson as the manager, the White Sox can only win with Guillen as the manager.

He must manage like C. Montgomery Burns. He tells Strawberry to hit a homerun. He says "OK Coach." Then proceeds to hit a homerun. "I told him to do that." Burns says afterword.

I guess Guillen gets Thome so fired up that he proceeds to hit 24 homeruns so far. It makes you wonder how Thome has ever hit any homeruns up to this point in his career.

Somehow we, as Twins fans, have to provoke Guillen into saying something stupid and offensive. SO Guillen gets fired. Then the Whiteys will go into the tank and we can steal the division from them.


At 12:50 AM, Blogger twins15 said...

You got to listen to Joe! After all, he wrote "Baseball for Dummies"

(ps yeah, joe morgan sucks)

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Todd said...

I have a feeling he had a ghostwriter. I think books scare him as do computers.

If he did write it he would have used a typewriter or pen.


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