Thursday, July 06, 2006

Its a strange game

Baseball is a strange game. The Twins could have easily been swept this series but with a little luck on Monday they did steal 1 game.

It is strange how a good team on a streak can get beat by a lousy team, but it happens every year. Anything can happen in a short series.

The Twins didn't hit or pitch well all 3 games and now they are on a losing streak. Lets hope it stops tommorrow in Texas. The 2 lefties are pitching so it should go well.

In football they say on any given Sunday any team can beat another team. It is especially true in baseball. On any day any team can beat another team. If great pitchers get bet by bad teams sometimes. It happens all of the time.

Then when it happens in the playoffs that pitcher is a choker when, in fact, its just how thew game works. All year long the worse team sometimes beats the better team. Then it is all magnified in the playoffs and nobody looks at the fact that random chance plays a large part in who really wins a playoff series.

Were the Twins the best team in 1987? No way. The Twins beat a much superior team in Oakland in 2002. It happens. In a short series random chance does not have long to even out.


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