Monday, July 03, 2006

All-Star snubs

It happens every year and it really isn't a big deal but if you want to win the game why not bring the best players. If you are Guillen and you feel like you have a good team this year and you feel like you have a chance to go to the World Series again don't you want to win to get home field advantage?

So why is Buehrle on the All Star team and worse yet why is he starting. He is not even having that good of a year. Santana should be starting he is having the best year of any pitcher in the AL except for Liriano.

I can understand the snub of Liriano. He hasn't pitched that much but still he is leading the league in ERA by a 1/2 a run and leading the next best pitcher by more than a run. With all of that said I still do understand him being left off of the team.

But Buehrle is not deserving to go, let alone start the game.

The biggest snub is Hafner. He is leading the league in Runs Created, 2nd in OBP, 4th in RBI & HRs. He is the single best offensive force in the AL, and he isnot on the squad. The players that made it instead of him are still good choices but I really think you need to somehow get the best player on the squad.

Konerko is a good player but is still the 3rd best 1B in the league so far. And Thome is great but Hafner is still a better choice.

Do managers always pick so many of their own players? If so should be acceptable?


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