Monday, July 10, 2006

All Star Break

What bad way to move into the all-star break. The Twins lost 4 of 6 and it could have been worse. They could have easily been swept on Monday night.

The pitching has been poor and the hitting has been poor. Even Santana has looked bad. He nearly lost to KC and was roughed up after starting well against Tex.

They are 11.5 out. So it doesn't look to good. I would have felt much better if we could have played much better last week and kept the lead down to single digits. They really have too many teams ahead of them in the division and the wild card race. I expect Santana and Liriano to keep up the quality pitching. The bright spots like the M&M boys should keep the offense rolling. I really worry about the rest of the pitching.

Radke will probably OK the second half and may get his ERA under 5.00. I don't believe Silva will. He doesn't have 2 of the 3 abilities that a pitcher needs to win. He doesn't strikeout many batters and he gives up too many homeruns. He did last year too but somehow was able to give up the homeruns with few or no men on base. Its not working out for him this year. He really needs a good defense behind him and the Twins are not able to provide that for him.

With only 3 starters and a good but not great offense it will be very difficult to catch any of the other teams they are chasing. I hope they can do it though.


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