Thursday, July 06, 2006

No more Boof

Boof was sent back to AAA. It was easy to see it coming. He was walking too many batters and he was allowing too many homeruns. He was striking out a lot of batters so I do expect him improve and to be back with the big team in the future.

Pat Neshek has been called up he is a sidearmer who has good control and strikes out a lot of batters. He should be a really good reliever. One problem is that side arm pitchers usually are much better against the same handed batters. But Neshek has been showing an ability to get lefthanders out also.

The real question is, who will be th4e 5th starter when we need one in 2 weeks?

That is a question for another day, specifically this weekend. I will answer the question and it is not who you are thinking of.


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