Monday, July 17, 2006


First Ford gets hurt which is addition by subtraction. Then in the same game Hunter and Stewart get hurt. That hurts.

Losing s outfieslders with no prospects in the minors gives the Twins no hope for the playoffs. To replace them we now have Tyner, Rondell & Rabe.

Tyner is hot now but has shown in the minors to make us think he is anymore thean a 5th outfielder. With that being said he is probably going to be the Twins starting CF until Hunter returns.

I think we all know what Rondell brings to the team. In his minor league rehab he hit as poorly as he did with the Twins.

Rabe is a stop gap outfielder with no power.

The worst part of the injuries is that their is no possiblility of trading either Hunter or Stewart.

I have a feeling that the loss of Hunter will probbaly hurt the teams defense which will hurt the pitching over the rest of the season.


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