Wednesday, July 19, 2006

He did it again

Yes I am talking about Rondell was doubled off 2 times in the same game. He is making the same mistakes he was making before he was hurt. You would think a veteran wouldn't keep making those kind of mistakes. One was on a hit and run so that is somewhat understandable but the other one was less excusable. At least he is finally getting on base. It is good to see some improvement out of him.

Liriano did it again too. He was exceptional fot the 6th time this season he did not give up an earned run. 6 times!!! He did give up a lot of flyballs rather than groundballs for the the first time this season but that was bound to happen too. I didn't really see him capable of have a 70% groundball percentage at the end of the season.


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