Monday, August 07, 2006

Patience is a virtue

This weekend the twins took 36 walks in a 4 game sweep of KC. That is 9 walks per game. I love to see the twins walking more. It means they are not swinging at bad pitches and they are not making outs.

If only they could have shown this much patience last weekend against the Tigers. I wonder if they were so aggressive because they were anxious or because they all thought they had to make the big hit all series long.

As I previously noted the Twins were very aggressive against their bullpen which has shown a tendency to walk some batters. This weekend they showed great patience and it paid off. Obviously it was against a far inferior pitching staff.

Did Joe Varva, the hitting coach, tell them to be more patient after watching the last week of baseball or did KC just force their patience by having no control? I believe it is combination of both.

Lets hope the can keep it up.

Also, did anyone see the fan gone wild in the 5th inning on Friday? I wonder if she received any beads for her flash of the camera.


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