Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Feature, Picks of the day

I am going to start making a pick of the day using the Bodog.com basbeall line. I want to see how I would do picking games, based on my incredible knowledge of baseball:)

This is something I have never done before but have contemplated for a while. I am basing my guesses on many statistics and observations. But none of it has been tested so far. It could be a complete failure. I'll give it a couple weeks to play out.

Todays games:

Twins +120

Best bet: Mets -160

Underdog: White Sox +110

What does this mean?

If the number is positive that team is the underdog. You must bet 100 to win that number. For example I am betting 100 to win 120 on the Twins.

If the number is negative that team is the favorite. You must bet that number to win 100. For example I am betting 160 to win 100 on the Mets.


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