Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I am still an optimist.

I still think the Twins can win the wild card. I am feeling better than I was this morning. I think I just needed time to adjust to the situation of losing again to the Tigers and hearing about an injured Liriano.

The Twins still have Santana, an improved Radke, and hopefully Garza will be pitching soon. The pitching isn't that bad. Silva still can win some and maybe Guerrier can start. If not, Baker is still a viable starter. He has the ability he just needs some consistency now.

The offense is still doing great on most nights, so between a patchwork rotation and an improved offense the Twins can still play with the big boys.

Chicago and Boston still have great offenses but their pitching is not nearly as good as the Twins, even with Liriano out.

So as bad as it is for the Twins, the other teams have fleas too.


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