Friday, July 13, 2007

DH answer?

The Twins called up Garrett Jones again and started him at DH. But he is not the answer at DH. His minor league numbers show that he does not have a very high OBP. And so far this season at AAA it is .317.

With that being said he is still a better choice at DH than Tyner or Ford. He has some homerun potential at least.

Its time for Terry Ryan to decide if he wants to make a run at the playoffs or not. Shit or get off the pot!!! As they are now, the Twins are not good enough to make the playoffs. The rotation is young but decent and they have some quality hitters but they have some huge holes to fill at third and at DH.

Finding a DH should not be that hard. Either you want to make run this year or wait until next year. But next year Torii probably won't be with the Twins so there will be 1 more hole to fill in the lineup. So this is the season to make the run. Trade a young pitcher and get a quality DH and third baseman here.

If not trade Torii for some decent prospects and give up on the season. They are going no where with the lineup as it is now.

Today's matchup Blanton vs Santana. I have the Twins as the 69% favorites.


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