Friday, April 20, 2007

Tyner never walks.

Tyner is a patient at the plate as I am holding a plate at Old Country Buffet. He currently has less walks than Cirillo and White. And both have already spent significant time on the DL.

I hate Tyner and then Gardy compounds the mistake that Tyner is basically a 5th outfielder by batting him 2nd. Why?

The lineup adjustments are generally overated but I would really change it by batting Mauer 2nd and move everyone else up 1 spot and drop Tyner to the 9th spot. It would give everyone an extra 17 to 18 plate appearances per season. And it would minimize Tyner's effect on the offense by reducing the number of PAs he has during the season by about 90 , if he played the whole season.

In an everyday lineup like that with all of the hitters moving up1 spot and the best 4 hitters getting extra PAs the lineup from 2 to 5 would score an extra 16 runs.

It doesn't seem like much but with the other hitter moving up a spot the amount of runs would increase it a bit more, closer to 20 runs in a season which equals about 2 wins. 2 wins can mean a lot.


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