Monday, August 21, 2006

Daily Pick

Ok, now I am finally improving on my picks. Yesterday, The System went 9-2. I did not post all of the picks because I did not think they were all good bets. I will not count that as my running total either. I am going to keep better track of all my picks from now on.

I was 2-1 yesterday and +100. I improved to 18-21 and -247. I think my new adjustments will make for a positve total in the future.

Today’s Picks:
Cin -130
Phi -125
Underdog SD +105

Here are the percentages the System has picked for today.
Cincinnati 63.4%
Philadelphia 63.3%
Atlanta 59.2%
San Diego 57.8%
Toronto 56.1%
Chicago Sox 50.5%


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