Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Castro/Batista Part Deux

The Twins have cut Ponson and demoted Ortiz to the bullpen after the failed experiment of trying out 2 bad, over-the-hill players. The Twins are turning to youth again, just like last year. They learned a bit from last year, though they did make the original mistake again by signing them, this time they are cutting bait sooner than they did last year.
And they are winning.

If they keep this up they will not sign any crappy veterans by the 2010 season.
Baker is already pitching well and Slowey will be making the start Friday against Oakland. They may not be the best pitchers in the league but they only cost about $700,000 while Ponson and Ortiz cost over $4 million. And they project top be much better pitchers than the other 2 slugs.

I am looking forward to the slugs that Ryan will be signing this off season.

Pick of the Day: The System had a great week but faltered yesterday. Today there are not many good picks. Starting with $500 the system is now up to $425 after less than 2 months.

Best Favorite: SD -143

Best Underdog: SF +130

Best Longshot: Tex +180, they have only a 36% chance of winning but the money line makes it a good bet.


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