Wednesday, November 22, 2006

MVP!!! MVP!!!! MVP!!!!

Morneau won the MVP award. I am surprised because their generally is an east coast bias and I Jeter actually had a better year. I don’t think Justin is a bad choice for MVP but I don’t think he was the best choice. Also, I figured Jeter would win the award as a “lifetime achievement” award, much like when Al Pacino won the Oscar for “Scent of a Woman”. Al didn’t deserve the award that year but he won it on his body of work.

Jeter and Mauer both had better claims to the award. They both had outstanding offensive years, and did it a defensive position. Justin was a great player but does not rank much better than other players at his position while Jeter and Mauer were heads above the other players at their position.

If I was voting I would have had Mauer 1st and Jeter a close 2nd.

But it is nice to see a Twin win the MVP and the Cy Young awards. It really was a great season, no matter how it ended.

The bad news is that the Twins did sign Silva to the $4 option.


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